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My Take On The Flag Controversy

By Greg L | 28 June 2015 | National Politics | No Comments

28th House: Vote For Kirk Cox

By Greg L | 6 June 2015 | RPV, Virginia House | 2 Comments

Tuesday is primary elections day in Virginia, and no other race in the Commonwealth has nearly the significance of the 28th House District, where embattled House Speaker Bill Howell is desperately trying to hold onto his seat.  That election, which is nominally between Howell and Susan Stimpson, will determine who the next Speaker of the House of Delegates will be, and only a pitifully small number of Virginians will decide that outcome.  If Howell wins this primary, he will almost certainly remain as Speaker.  If he loses, Delegate Kirk Cox will almost certainly be our next House Speaker.


We Are All Terrorists Now

By Greg L | 22 May 2015 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

When the Prince William Board of County Supervisors met in closed session during their last meeting to discuss what the board’s official response would be to Melissa Peacor instigating a criminal investigation of a private citizen for criticizing her, it failed to identify, as it is required under law, what provision of Virginia law authorized them to discuss matters without public observation.  Sometimes the justification for having secret meetings gives us some idea of what is going on in these closed sessions, as they must cite a code section, usually one that deals with potential or ongoing litigation, or contract negotiations.  We might not know exactly what was going on in closed session, but we have some idea of the general nature, based on what legal citation is used.

As a rule, the County Attorney always cites what provision of the code allows the board to hide behind closed doors to discuss public business that would otherwise be public.  Occasionally such disclosures are somewhat comical, as the County Attorney rushes to get the citation in before the mics are cut, but even when that is, it’s at least appreciated that the citation is made.  There’s some semblance of following the law going on, which is a start.


Some Questions For PWCS

By Greg L | 4 May 2015 | Schools, Prince William County | 12 Comments

Where does Mrs. Gilkerson, principal of Glenkirk Elementary, reside?

Where do her children attend school?

How does that happen? Does the school administration intend to tell the people who are paying their salaries what their senior employees are doing, and how they will address those questions?

Primary Election Results

By Greg L | 25 April 2015 | Fairfax County, PWCRC, Prince William County | 18 Comments

As they come in…

John Guevara narrowly wins in Sully District of Fairfax

Steve Chapman (?!!??) wins in Woodbridge

Michele McQuigg Wins Clerk of the Court

Glen Hill wins Sheriff 

Stewart wins BOCS Chairman

Marty Nohe wins in Coles

Ruth Anderson wins in Occoquan

One More Reason To Vote Austin Haynes For Clerk

By Greg L | 24 April 2015 | Prince William County | 5 Comments

For many of you out there, no political race excites so little of your attention as the Clerk of the Court.  Many of you don’t interact with it; heck, many don’t even have a solid idea even of what it does.  Despite the understandable ignorance of many, it’s a pretty important job that has the potential to impact your life in some fairly significant ways, and that makes who is Clerk a rather non-trivial decision.


When Marty Nohe Saved The Day For Big Spenders, Again

By Greg L | 22 April 2015 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

A lot of us were surprised when Marty Nohe was the first to announce that the Ferlazzo school site would indeed be used for a neighborhood elementary school instead of being secretly re-purposed as an opportunity to relocate the Porter Traditional School.  For most of us, all we knew of Nohe’s involvement was that he wanted the activists attending School Board meetings to wear the T-shirts he had gotten to promote their cause - with Marty Nohe’s name plastered on it, of course.  The activists refused, as you’d expect.  But that wasn’t the end of Nohe’s meddling on this issue - not at all.


PWC Republican Primary Voters Guide

By Greg L | 21 April 2015 | Prince William County | 8 Comments

By now everyone should figure out that they’ll likely be voting in a different place than their usual polling location, and that a Republican-run “firehouse primary” has rules that are a little different than a state-run government process.  Now all you need to do, if you’re a Republican (yes, it’s a process to determine the Republican nominee, so it’s for Republicans) who is planning on participating, is figure out who to cast your ballot for.


A Debate Disappoints

By Greg L | 12 April 2015 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 22 Comments

If you’re hoping either one of the Republican candidates for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors gives a damn about illegal immigration, that hope pretty much got demolished at the debate between Chris Crawford and Corey Stewart this past week.  When asked about how the county should respond to Youth For Tomorrow trafficking “unaccompanied alien minors” (a fancy name for underage illegal aliens) into Virginia, Crawford hoped (presumably more) government could help teach them English.  Stewart, who supposedly understands local government as a result of his long-entrenchment in local elected office, stunningly claimed that there’s no problem for local taxpayers since Youth For Tomorrow handles all the costs and “Prince William County residents don’t pay a dime.”

Looks like we’re in deep trouble either way.


The Fox is in the Henhouse

By Greg L | 6 April 2015 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

Guest Post by Vigilant

On March 4th the Prince William County School Board signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Youth for Tomorrow (YFT) and PWCS whereby YFT would fund a central office position entitled “Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist”. The position is posted on the YFT website (as a Student Assistant Specialist) and states that the individual will be working out of the Kelly Building. Do you think they are just being generous? Think again.


Jesus Is Dead, Let’s Party!

By Greg L | 3 April 2015 | Manassas City | 11 Comments

So tonight, in honor of Jesus Christ being tortured, nailed to a cross, and sacrificing His life in atonement for your sins, you can go out and party in the City of Manassas as part of “Founder’s Day.”  There’s really nothing more fitting to recognize the horror and descent into hell that Jesus experienced on your behalf than knocking back a few at a beer Garden, participating in trivia contests, or getting a book signed by the author.

Yes, I understand that not everyone is a Christian, but there’s utterly no way I can imagine an observant Christian attending such a thing tonight.

One More Stake In The Heart Of The Vampire Road

By Greg L | 1 April 2015 | Loudoun County, Prince William County | 1 Comment

Yes, the idea of a Bi-County Parkway seems to be rapidly dying, but it’s not done yet. To complete this, we need to get the Board of County Supervisors to remove the project from the County’s comprehensive plan. Supervisor Candland plans to introduce a motion to do just that at the next board meeting, and we’ll get to see how our elected officials feel about property rights and subsidizing developers right before they are subject to the voters in the primaries.

During an election year, you can actually get quite a bit done. Imagine that.


Is The BCP Dead?

By Greg L | 31 March 2015 | Loudoun County, Local Economy, Virginia House, Prince William County | No Comments

Delegate Tim Hugo will have a press conference on Wednesday about the Bi-County Parkway.  Having heard nothing about this project for months, I was pretty intrigued.  When I asked his staff what this could be about, all I could get about this was “If you oppose the BCP tomorrow will be a good day.

Now I’m fascinated.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a good day, policy wise, in the Commonwealth.

Stay tuned.

PWCS Fails Math, Again

By Greg L | 29 March 2015 | Schools, Prince William County | 4 Comments

Here’s a quick arithmetic question for you: does two equal zero?

Apparently, The Prince William County School system thinks it does.


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

By Greg L | 21 March 2015 | Fairfax County, Prince William County | 15 Comments

Despite all the assurances that Republicans made that they’d stop President Obama’s ridiculously detrimental amnesty for illegal aliens and that they’d stop the horrible impacts that ObamaCare is delivering on us, they’ve done nothing but allow these programs to continue while the federal budget inches ever-closer to bankruptcy.  Despite all the assurances Republicans made to us that they’d deliver good governance at the state and local levels, their records similarly are filled with tax hikes, looking the other way while un-elected bureaucrats run amok, and corporatists rent-seek with our tax dollars.

If you want to see who is really responsible for this, I suggest you find a mirror, because it’s we who are electing people that we darned well should know are utterly dangerous to the ideal of a limited and effectively functioning government.  We’re getting ready to do it all over again, too.


When Campaign Consultants Go Bad

By Greg L | 16 March 2015 | Prince William County | 11 Comments

It isn’t every day I get reports of campaign operatives giving dark warnings to people about how the candidate they’re not supporting is going to get utterly demolished by negative opposition research, but who then immediately turn around and say that the candidate they are supporting is going to offer them a patronage job after they win.  But then it isn’t every day that I’m getting phone calls relating what Steve Botello is telling them.


Corey Stewart: Vote For Me, You Idiot!

By Greg L | 11 March 2015 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 3 Comments

Corey Stewart is all in a tizzy that he might not be able to use a primary election for his re-nomination, to the point he’s saying all sorts of utterly ridiculous things to the Washington Post, and trashing the Republicans he is asking to vote for him.  You’d think this guy never faced a convention before in his life.


Corey Stewart Responds To Steve Chapman Fiasco

By Greg L | 11 March 2015 | PWCRC, Prince William County | No Comments

I’ve been eagerly awaiting a response from PWC Chairman Corey Stewart regarding the revelations about his endorsed candidate’s shocking antics.  Does Corey think that threatening the children of combat-wounded veterans represents his kind of politics?  Is he proud to show up at events wearing Steve Chapman’s lapel sticker knowing that Chapman cheated on his pregnant wife with someone else’s wife?  Or is he just a fan of candidates rapping about drug use and calling people niggers?  I bet a lot of people would like to know the answers to these questions.

So here’s the response I’ve gotten:


Steve Chapman: A Politician You Can Trust

By Greg L | 11 March 2015 | Prince William County | 16 Comments

If you ever had any doubt about the veracity of the story about Woodbridge Supervisor candidate Steve Chapman cheating on his wife in order to have an affair with someone else’s wife, this should remove every last bit of it.  Not many campaigns in my memory ever seem to involve something called an “Affidavit of Adultery.”

Yet Steve Chapman says you can trust him with your vote.  Right.

I’ve provided a pretty high-resolution image of this document, entirely suitable for printing out and distributing at any public events Steve Chapman will be campaigning at, just in case anyone is interested in doing such a thing.

Woodbridge Candiate Trivia Contest #1

By Greg L | 8 March 2015 | Prince William County | 2 Comments

Answer below the fold…