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I Have A Dream

By Greg L | 17 December 2014 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 1 Comment

When illegal aliens come to America supposedly searching “for a better life,” might that include taxpayer-funded admission to performances of the Manassas Symphony orchestra?  Apparently it does.  If you’re one of the juvenile illegal aliens being temporarily housed (courtesy of your tax dollars) at Youth For Tomorrow, a new grant from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts will allow you to go to a free concert.  If you happen to be the child of a citizen or legal resident, well, not so much.  You have to pay full freight.

I long to live in an America that treats citizens at least as well as it does illegal aliens.  What a great country we’d be then, huh?

Citizens Group Suggests Corey Stewart Not Run For Re-Election

By Greg L | 16 December 2014 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

This open letter from Ralph Stevenson, Chairman of Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth, should be required reading for anyone considering voting for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors in 2015. There’s not much chance that Corey Stewart will take note of what is in this letter, but voters definitely should and their votes really should take into consideration the information provided below. If Corey doesn’t take the lead of Milt Johns and announce he will not run for Chairman in 2015, the voters will have to render the verdict on his political future. (more…)

When Santa Defeated The Sermon

By Greg L | 14 December 2014 | Humor & Satire | 2 Comments

Little Johnny is trying his best to mind mom while the pastor is getting to the meat of Sunday’s sermon, not wriggling around, making faces at the people seated in the pews behind him, and trying mightily hard to not make that airplane sound that seems to escape his lips every time he gets bored.  Pastor started out with a funny story, launched into some bible references, and is now about to tell us once again that through faith, Christ crucified gives us an eternal home in heaven that we don’t deserve, but have been given through His grace.  Just a few minutes more, and Johnny might be able to collect on having another chocolate chip cookie in the fellowship hall, and darned if those just make outstanding bribes for good behavior.

But here comes Santa Claus to wreck it all.


Wittman Green-Lights Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

By Greg L | 12 December 2014 | RPV, Virginia Politics, US Congress | 5 Comments

The Republican Party is in deep trouble.  After candidates tell us during their campaigns that they’re actually conservatives, that they’ll fight for principle, that they’ll be reliable and honorable, too many of them retreat right back into doublespeak, back-room dealmaking and abandon their principles at the first opportunity for them to follow through on their campaign promises.  Today’s deplorable demonstration of the rot festering within the Republican Party is none other than Virginia’s Congressman misrepresenting the First District, the dishonorable Rob Wittman.


Brentsville Supervisor Candidates Debate

By Greg L | 10 December 2014 | Prince William County | 9 Comments

Not much in the way of surprises at this evening’s debate, with Jeanine Lawson showing she knows what she’s talking about, Eric Young showing that in a lot of ways he doesn’t, and Scott Jacobs clearly demonstrating that he doesn’t want to know what he’s talking about. A few observations might be useful if you don’t want to slog through two hours of debate video, even with the preliminaries cut out for your convenience: (more…)

Kelly Building Becomes Animal House

By Greg L | 8 December 2014 | Prince William County | 11 Comments

Guest post from T Man

So, it’s an amazing but true story, one that once again calls into question the leadership of Prince William County Schools. Carolyn Custard, the Director of the Office of Student Services, throws one hell of a party (or at least she thinks she does). The only problem is that it was a party that took place during work hours and involved seriously inappropriate conduct on the part of school division leadership.


Tea Party Predators

By Greg L | 15 November 2014 | Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

Later this month the Virginia Tea Party Federation will hold its annual summit in Richmond, and once again, I will not be there.  Not because I have a conflict, or otherwise have some reason why I couldn’t be there, I just wouldn’t ever want to set foot inside an event so co-opted by the “let’s make money off of conservatives” trolls who use the grassroots conservative movement as little more than their personal piggy bank.


The Next RPV Chairman

By Greg L | 8 November 2014 | RPV | 28 Comments

If you had to pick between Eric Herr and John Whitbeck to become the next Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, would that decision be as difficult for you as it would be for me?  That indeed looks to be the decision the State Central Committee will have to make at their January meeting as they replace Pat Mullins, who has announced he will step down as soon as a replacement is found.  Fortunately, either of these gentlemen will likely do a great job filling Pat’s shoes.

Mullins has really done an outstanding job as Chairman during his tenure.  RPV Chairman is a really hard job and about all the results you tend to get from it are endless gripes and complaints.  About the best the rest of us could hope for is that the duties of that position are discharged with fairness and equity, and Mullins has consistently excelled at both.  Not many of his predecessors mastered this, so Mullins has set a really high standard for whoever will succeed him.

Fortunately between these two candidates, I’m quite confident meeting that bar won’t be a problem.  Choosing between them, well, that’s quite a bit more challenging.

2014 Election Open Thread

By Greg L | 4 November 2014 | Uncategorized | 24 Comments

This election is going to be a test of whether the now-superior Democrat data management and GOTV efforts can blunt the wave of disdain voters have developed for President Obama’s policies.  When the odds are against them, can Democrats still get their base to turn out and overcome the dynamic of the election season?  That’s going to be an interesting question to answer with the 2015 and 2016 elections coming up.

Local races to watch: 11th CD (Scholte vs. Connolly), Manassas City (Marc Aveni vs. 3 liberals)

National races to watch: US Senate in New Hampshire, Georgia, Colorado and North Carolina.

It’s going to be an interesting night, giving us plenty to talk about tomorrow.

Volunteer Where It’s Smart

By Greg L | 1 November 2014 | Gerry Connolly, Manassas Park, Manassas City, US Congress, Prince William County | 5 Comments

So you’re moderately active in politics and wouldn’t mind lending a few hours to volunteer for a campaign where your contribution might make a difference?  Yes, there are opportunities where your time won’t be wasted.


Mark Wolfe Turns Democrat

By Greg L | 23 October 2014 | Manassas City | 27 Comments

Manassas Votes, The local PAC run by Democrats Stephen Hirsch and Nancy Ingram, put out an ad today in the local paper endorsing candidates for the Manassas City Council elections, and what do you know, there’s Republican Mark Wolfe including his endorsement of a slate of two Democrats and one Republican.  After voting for every tax increase imaginable and every spending program anyone could possibly conceive, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  Still, I hope the Manassas GOP finally kicks this guy off the Republican Committee.  He’s just begging for it, and someone needs to step up and make sure that happens.


Gerry Connolly And The Muslim Brotherhood

By Greg L | 15 October 2014 | Gerry Connolly, US Congress | 8 Comments

Here’s part one in what I hope will become a multi-part documentary series on Gerry Connolly’s extraordinary support for radical Islamists at levels that far exceed what the Obama administration can possibly stomach. The more I discover talking to those communities affected by Connolly’s reprehensible agenda, the more committed I am to helping those communities find their voice. What they are suffering due to people like Gerry Connolly is beyond disturbing. (more…)

Help Fund Illegal Immigration?

By Greg L | 2 October 2014 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 8 Comments

This Saturday Youth For Tomorrow is going to have their “Country Fair and Auction” to help support all that good work that this celebrity-laden outfit is supposedly doing.  They’re going to put on a nice dog-and-pony-show to tell folks about how they help troubled kids and need your charitable donations to continue their godly work.

But almost none of what they’ll tell you is actually true.


Jacobs Announces Independent Bid, Bull Run Strategies Still Gets Paid

By Greg L | 30 September 2014 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 5 Comments

When Scott Jacobs got the news that he was disqualified as a Republican candidate for Brentsville Supervisor because he failed to file on time as a candidate for the Republican Mass Meeting, he realistically had three options to consider.  He could endorse Jeanine “for the good of the party” and recover some of the goodwill he lost by consistently playing fast and loose with elections laws and county ordinances, preserving some future viability as a candidate.  He could try to find some parliamentary trick to get himself nominated at the mass meeting, which had a very low probability of success, but show he’s a fighter until the bitter end.  Or, he could declare himself as an independent candidate after a massive campaign failure — as Tareq Salahi did in his quixotic race for Governor last cycle — outrage a huge swath of the majority of voters in the district and go on to being soundly repudiated in a general election.

Jacobs picked option three, the dumbest option of them all.


When Consultants Destroy Their Candidates

By Greg L | 29 September 2014 | RPV, PWCRC, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 14 Comments

I visited with Scott Jacobs today, originally to confirm that it was one of his employees pictured on Virginia Virtucon taking down one of Jeanine Lawson’s signs.  Scott was still in the midst of trying to figure out what to do in the wake of his campaign essentially coming to an abrupt end after neglecting to file as a candidate for the Mass Meeting on time, while blogs were breaking the story of the latest campaign screw-up.  I gave him my best honest advice - to get ahead of the story, do everything he can to preserve his reputation for a future run for office, and it all seemed as if this wasn’t advice he was getting as he continued to struggle with what to do.

Right there in the midst of our chat, is his campaign manager Owen Burgess from Bull Run Strategies and it struck me: how do campaign consultants let this kind of thing happen to their clients?


Tick, Tock…

By Greg L | 27 September 2014 | PWCRC, Crime, Prince William County | 14 Comments

Hey, Scott Jacobs!  This is just a friendly head’s-up that I know who is in this picture committing a Class 1 Misdemeanor on behalf of your campaign, and based on just how close they are to you that it would be pretty laughable to say that you didn’t have anything at all to do with folks committing crimes on behalf of your campaign if you just let the next day or so pass without taking any action at all here.  I know it’s been kind of a challenge to comply with the law during your campaign and there’s a long laundry list of elections law violations that you’ve managed to rack up, including failures to provide finance disclosures on campaign emails, on your campaign advertisements, and of course about placing signs.  But outright willful violations of the criminal code is just a special kinda campaign lawlessness that just isn’t going to fly with me.

I’ve kinda run out of patience here.


A Call To Arms In Brentsville

By Greg L | 27 September 2014 | PWCRC, Prince William County | No Comments

Members of a political party should have the opportunity to choose whoever they think is the best candidate to run as their nominee in a general election.  I can’t even imagine a circumstance that would cause anyone to disagree with such a basic premise, one that’s part of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Amazingly there are those out there who do, and they’re part of the Scott Jacobs campaign for Brentsville Supervisor.


Improve Congress With Suzanne Scholte

By Greg L | 22 September 2014 | Fairfax County, US Congress, Prince William County | 4 Comments

This November we have the opportunity to retire Gerry Connolly from Congress. This is the person who should replace him.

VA Senate: If We Financially Destroy Your Family, Tough Crap

By Greg L | 19 September 2014 | National Politics, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 16 Comments

Are you one of the families that used to be able to afford health insurance before Obamacare loaded the marketplace up with regulations that increased premiums and made deductibles skyrocket?  We are.  We’re one of thousands of families across the Commonwealth that don’t get health insurance through an employer’s benefits plan and have to weigh the option of enrolling in an expensive health insurance plan with ridiculous deductibles or being able to pay our mortgage and thus avoid homelessness.

Yesterday Republicans in the House of Delegates tried to fix that, and Senate Democrats stopped them, leaving us without any real possibility that we will ever have health insurance despite whatever crushing penalties the federal government might impose.


Brentsville Mass Meeting October 1st

By Greg L | 18 September 2014 | Prince William County | 2 Comments

As expected, Brentsville Supervisor Wally Convington was appointed as a judge during today’s special session of the General Assembly, and with that we almost-officially kick off the race to replace him on the BOCS, pending only the official announcement of a special election.

Republicans will hold a “mass meeting” to select a nominee at Patriot High School on October 1st at 7:00PM.  So far the announced candidates are Jeanine Lawson and Scott Jacobs.  No Democrats have announced their intention to run for this seat yet, and most likely none will.

Just watch the massive development projects in the process of asking for favorable rezonings have all of their hearings delayed since the “let’s pave over the rural crescent crowd” just lost a critical vote. If Lawson wins, the era of massive residential building projects that overcrowd our schools, strain our public resources, add congestion to our roads and bankrupt the county budget may finally be over.